Strictly’s Tess was really shocked to see Natalie ‘collapse in a heap’

Tess Daly says she was shocked when she saw Natalie Gumede collapse during training for Strictly Come Dancing.

In her Yahoo blog, Tess explained what had happened to the former Coronation Street star: “She fainted twice during rehearsals. When she fainted during the dress rehearsal I was seated only a few feet away and it was actually really shocking to witness. She was dancing full pelt during an incredibly energetic jive at the time.

“She literally collapsed in a heap, legs twisted the wrong way under her with her head thrown right back and her eyes rolling. Luckily her professional partner Artem was on hand quick as a flash to catch her and break her fall.

“She was immediately attended by on-set medics. Lets just hope that she’s back to full health and on her dancing feet very soon.”

On Monday’s Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two, Natalie gave her own take on what had happened.

She said: “We had band call early in the morning and we were going through the dance. I had felt very weak all week, I think it was just exhaustion, and basically my body just gave way.

“It gave up, it had enough, not enough rest or eating cake on the sofa I think. So I collapsed unfortunately and after trying again in dress rehearsals I realised I wasn’t fit enough to dance and unfortunately I collapsed again.

“I have been to the hospital and I have been to the doctor, and I am feeling much, much better. I am sorry I scared everybody.”

Asked whether she would be back this weekend to dance at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Natalie confirmed: “Yes! I am down, but I am not out.”

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