Strictly Come Dancing star Tom Chambers says his ‘friendly rivalry’ with Austin Healey is a bit ‘Tom and Jerry’.

Holby City actor Tom and former England rugby ace Austin have frequently been vying for a place at the top of the judges’ leaderboard, with Tom likening them to the classic cat and mouse duo.

Responding to the idea that Strictly was fast becoming The Tom and Austin Show, Tom said: “With Austin and I, maybe it should be The Tom and Jerry Show because he’s got quick feet, Jerry’s got quick feet, Tom’s always chasing him, I’m constantly chasing Austin.”

Although Tom admitted that there was healthy competition between he and Austin, he said he thought the pair, along with John Sergeant, should stick together on the show, or risk being outnumbered.

Tom said: “We’re running out of men, there’s only three guys left, so actually we need to be brothers in arms.”

He went on: “I don’t really have time to be competitive – all you can think about is getting your moves right for Saturday.”

Tom will be dancing the quick step on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night.

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