The leaders of striking scriptwriters in the US have told their members they may have reached a deal to end the strike.

Representatives from the Writers Guild Of America are due to meet in New York and Los Angeles later on Saturday to discuss the deal.

“While this agreement is neither perfect or all that we deserve, our strike has been a success,” Guild members were told.

The dispute – over the fees paid to writers for films and TV shows downloaded from the Internet – has been underway since November 5.

It has forced some of America’s biggest TV shows off the air and shut down production on films, as well as bringing a halt to the Golden Globes ceremony after actors said they would refuse to cross picket lines.

There are also concerns it could affect the Oscars ceremony later this month – although organisers have said the the event will still go ahead.

If the deal is finalised over the weekend writers could be back at work as early as Monday.

However, it would still take around two months for new programes to return to the airwaves. Around 65 series including House, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI and Desperate Housewives have been affected, and it is likely that these would get priority over other shows.

Other less successful programmes such as Bionic Woman, starring Michelle Ryan, may face cancellation, the paper reports.