There were some strong performers on The Voice tonight

The raw talent of the singers impresses the judges again, but which singers made The Voice UK judges chairs turn?

It was the second episode of The Voice tonight, but who made Tom, Gavin, or Jennifer push that red button?

First up was duo Zoe Hedge, 21 with and Ebony Wilson, 20, aka Capital B, who met at university and sang ‘Eye is on the Sparrow’ by Lauryn Hill, together.


Their soulful voices won over both Tom and Gavin, as well as the crowd, with Tom trying to win them over by saying: “You sing great together, the song you picked really did your voices justice.”

The girls, who had wanted to be on Jennifer’s team, asked Jennifer to pick them a judge to go with, and even though Gavin tried to win them over they picked Tom as their coach.

Chelsea Baldwin, 29, was up next singing ‘Vissi D’arte’ by Puccini’s Tosca, and even though the judges were intrigued with her voice no one turned around for her.

Next was Charlie Drew, 28, From Leicester, who’s a singer and has toured with some top acts such as James Arthur and Five. He son Drake’s ‘One Dance’.

(ITV) initially looked impressed with his unique voice, but it was Tom and Gavin who finally turned their chairs around for the singer, even before he had finished singing. regretted not turning around and said: “I would love to steal you in the future.”

Trying to win him over Tom said: “Your vocal talent is amazing.” Charlie finally made a decision and said: “Tom, I would love to be on your team.”


Georgie Braggins, 21, sung a jazz classic ‘Everytime we say Goodbye’ by Ella Fitzgerald. She won both Gavin and Jennifer over.

Gavin, trying to win her over said: ‘There is so much truth in the way that you sing and I love jazz.” But Georgie finally went with Jennifer Hudson saying: “I chose Jennifer as she seemed so passionate about my singing.”


Jamie Miller, 19, who had early success on YouTube sung ‘Let It Go’ by James Bay. And obviously won over the judges with Gavin turning round almost instantly, with Jennifer not far behind.

Jamie got emotional and said: “I didn’t even expect anyone to turn round, but I just want someone who believes in me.”

Tom, who didn’t turn round, told him: “I’m so sorry I didn’t turn as I think you’re amazing.”

Jamie went on to choose Jennifer as his coach, after invited his parents on to the stage to help him decide.


Carter was next, who was popular with the judges with his rendition of ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ by Aerosmith. Gavin was first to turn round, with Jennifer and Tom following him quickly.

The judges gave their pitches with Tom saying: “That’s a big song to take on and I think you have a very powerful voice.”

But he finally went with Gavin who had said: “I think you are dangerous and have a dynamic voice, and I am dying to write a song for you.”


Two singers which the judges didn’t turn round for were Shannon Kitchen, 18, a busker, who sung ‘Roxanne’ by the Police, and also Ben, 40, who sang a great version of  ‘Trouble’ by Ray LaMontagne.

Before the last contestant came out Tom Jones burst into an amazing version of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ – getting the crowd excited, singing and dancing.


They say you should always leave the best until last, and tonight’s The Voice didn’t disappoint, when Michelle John, 43, started to sing, belting out ‘It’s a Man’s World’ by James Brown all the coaches were visibly touched by her performance, but it was Will.I.Am that turned round for her.

Tom said: “You hit some powerful notes there, I wish I had turned round.” explained his reasoning for turning round: “Your voice grabbed me, I didn’t push the button, your voice pushed that button. You have got a whole lot.”

And that is it for another week, make sure you tune into The Voice again next week on ITV at 8pm.

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