Stung | DVD release – Giant mutant wasps attack in a knockabout horror-comedy

An upper-class garden party on a country estate turns to bloody chaos when a swarm of mutated wasps descends to feast upon its guests.

Trying to escape the deadly insects, catering staffers Paul (Matt O’Leary) and Julia (Jessica Cook) retreat inside of the mansion with a handful of survivors, including the town’s mayor (Lance Henriksen) and local eccentric Sydney (Clifton Collins Jr).

But with each victim they consume, the wasps grow bigger and it’s only a matter of time before the survivors finds themselves trapped inside a giant nest…

A modern twist on B-movies such as Them! and Piranha, Stung’s gory fun and sense of humour will be a huge hit with fans of big bug creatures features and knockabout comedies alike.

Stung is out now on DVD from Entertainment One