Comedienne Sue Perkins has said she has her appetite to thank for much of her TV career.

The 41-year-old, who made her name on the show Light Lunch, has also featured on Celebrity Masterchef, explored menus from history in The Supersizers, and is now presenting The Great British Bake-Off for the second time.

And she says that much of her success in that field is down to being happy to eat anything.

“I am an eater. To do a food programme convincingly, you need to have an appetite, put quite simply,” she said.

“And I have one which is almost legendary. I can come back for seconds of pate, drink two bottles of sherry, and lay waste to pretty much anything that’s put in front of me.”

Sue revealed that she has appointed herself ‘chief taster’ on The Great British Bake-Off – but it is a move which sometimes lands her in trouble.

“I had a spoon in my pocket that I would whip out and delve into all the ingredients I could see,” she said. “I put on about three quarters of a stone.

“One person had a bowl full of cherries and I ate half of them. A shout went up of, ‘Where are my cherries?’ and I ‘fessed up.

“Of course they needed all of them, and there were no more cherries in the building. Their end tart was really spartan, so I had to say, ‘Don’t judge it badly – because it was my fault!'”