Sue Perkins has said that her new sitcom Heading Out is not autobiographical despite the similarities between her and the main character, 40-something vet Sara.

The comedienne has written the comedy, which begins on BBC Two on February 26, and also plays Sara – who like Sue is a lesbian.

However the 43-year-old said: “People will think the main character is me but it isn’t at all. I am shy and a bit awkward like her but that isn’t my story about coming out and that’s not my parents.

“There are a few little relationships I’ve had that I’ve blown up and twisted around a bit, and there are quite a lot of exes of mine in there. They won’t be able to recognise themselves, I’ve really changed them.

“But I never felt like I should really root it to my own experience, because my own experience wasn’t funny enough.”

Sue added that she does not want the show to be labelled as ‘gay TV’, saying it has no hidden agendas.

“I’ll be sad if people refer to it as a gay sitcom because it so isn’t,” she admitted.

“It’s a sitcom and it’s got a gay character in it. If there was something political behind it, it was just the fact that everyone is the same. I wanted it very firmly in the normal world, and to say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if one day people didn’t have to go through that?’

“And equally with the love story to ask – why label it? We all feel the same. We all feel pain at unrequited love, we all feel awkward when it’s a possibility, we all feel shy when push comes to shove.”