An official complaint made by sports presenter Claire Balding, regarding an article in the Sunday Times mocking her sexuality, has been upheld.

Claire complained to the Press Complaints Commisson (PCC) in July after AA Gill’s review of her new television show, in which he called her a ‘dyke on a bike’.

The presenter claimed the comments about her show, Britain By Bike, were irrelevent to the programme.

The Sunday paper defended the review on the grounds of freedom of expression, however the PCC ruled that some of the words were used in a ‘demeaning and gratuitous way’.

Speaking in a statement released after the judgement, Claire said she was ‘delighted’ with the verdict.

“It was important for me, and crucially, for millions of other people quietly going about their work, to make the point that we deserve to be judged on our ability to do our jobs and not on the basis of our race, religion, gender, or, in this case, sexual orientation.

“I hope that this decision shows we are moving on from the days when derogatroy comments about a person’s sexuality were regarded as clever or funny.”

The PPC ruled that the use of the word ‘dyke’ in the article – whatever it’s intention – was a ‘pejorative synonym relating to the complainant’s sexuality’.

Claire had previously not asked for special treatment, but just wanted to be treated the same as everybody else. She has also asked for the newspaper to apologise.