Some of the finalists in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s talent show Superstar have reportedly been put on a strict diet under the composer’s orders after piling on the pounds.

According to the Mirror Nathan James – who is one of the five remaining hopefuls in the competition – is among those who was put on the regime, having lost two and a half stone since auditions as a result.

Tim Prottey-Jones, who was eliminated earlier in the week, and Irishman Jeff Anderson – who exited the show on Friday night – were reportedly also ordered to diet and watch their weight.

“Quite a few of the finalists are big-boned lads, and Andrew was worried three in particular were too large,” a source told the paper.

“He called them in and made the point that, in the production, Jesus needs to be mounted on the cross – and McDonalds didn’t exist in AD33.”

The insider added, “Andrew’s a big fan of Nathan, and put him in touch with a nutritionist. He has lost two and a half stone and is looking amazing – far more Jesus-like.

“The running joke among the cast was that Jesus has been ordered to forgo his daily bread and communal wine.”

Meanwhile, The Sun reports that the finalists have been hit with a booze ban after showing up to rehearsals with hangovers from late-night drinking sessions.

Apart from David Hunter, who is teetotal, the others have reportedly been over-indulging following the live shows.

“For a show about finding the new Jesus Christ Superstar, some of the behaviour has been distinctly un-godly,” an insider said. “Alcohol has been banned for the rest of the series in a bid to get the boys to knuckle down.”