Suranne Jones: ‘I was knackered filming Five Days’

Best remembered as Coronation Street‘s Karen McDonald, Suranne Jones plays DC Laurie Franklin in the second series of Five Days. Here she tells us more about her character…

How does Laurie first become involved in the police investigation?

“The day before she’s due to start a new job, Laurie is on the train when there’s a crash and, as she’s a police officer, she immediately steps in to find out what’s happened. When Laurie’s mother became ill with dementia, Laurie took a demotion from detective back to PC, but she still has a detective mind.”

And Laurie soon identifies a connection between the incident on the train and a baby that’s been abandoned at a hospital…

“Yes, Laurie suspects there’s a connection between the two cases. But, as she starts asking questions, the Transport Police are brought back in along with DI Mal Craig (David Morrissey) – and nobody wants to listen to anything Laurie’s got to say.”

Laurie’s determined to make people listen though isn’t she?

“Laurie’s detective brain starts doing overtime, and she wants to work on the case, but none of the other police want her to be involved. When she feels she’s onto something, she keeps getting blocked off – and there’s a lot of friction between Laurie and DI Craig!”

Your character is very much involved with the other characters in Five Days. Did that make filming quite intense?

“Viewers won’t know everything about Laurie in an instant because she’s taking you to all these different people. But, by episode five, Laurie comes to the end of her journey and it’s a very rounded one – but it’s a slow one because I’ve been taking the audience through everything else. So I was knackered is the short answer!”

*Five Days screens from Mon-Fri, March 1-5, on BBC1

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