Suranne Jones has said that she met with a bereavement counsellor while researching her new role in supernatural drama The Secret Of Crickley Hall.

The former Corrie actress stars in the BBC One drama – which begins on Sunday night – as Eve, who moves to a mysterious new home with her husband Gabe (played by Miranda’s Tom Ellis) in a bid to get over the disappearance of their son Cam.

And Suranne said of her meeting: “I told him Eve’s story, and then I wanted him to treat me as she would be treated.

“I think that was important, just to understand what the process would have been through the guilt and the stages.”

However she said that portraying Eve’s grief was not the only challenge she faced when shooting the drama – given that the special effects were not added until after filming had finished.

“The difficult thing is having to react to an empty staircase where I may or may not have seen a ghost,” she said.

She did admit though that there was an air of creepiness on the set during the shoot.

“There was a supporting artist, who is a medium or a spiritualist, I can’t remember, and she came into the house and went up to the back bedroom, which happens to be Eve and Gabe’s, and she said there was an angry male presence there,” she said.

“And a make-up artist said she’d heard her name, but then she turned around and there was no one there.”