Actress Suranne Jones has said she is ‘very proud’ of the success of her new show, the ITV1 detective drama Scott and Bailey.

The former Coronation Street star told the Mirror the show – which has been pulling in audiences of around eight million in its Sunday night slot – has come a long way since she and former Corrie co-star Sally Lindsay came up with the idea over a bottle of wine in the pub.

However she also revealed it has taken six years from that initial chat to make it to TV.

“Sally and I first started talking about the idea six years ago,” Suranne said.

“We’d left Corrie and were discussing roles for women on television, and particularly those for women in their mid-30s to late 40s.

“Our idea was a drama set in Manchester with women in high-ranking roles, one with a family and one living a single life, characters that would appeal to women.”

The series has done so well that there is now talk of it being shown in the US or even remade for US audiences – but Suranne admitted she does not expect to be reprising her role as DC Rachel Bailey if an American version is made.

“It would be amazing but I’m not holding my breath about getting a starring role if they remake it,” she said.

“According to the internet, they’re going to be filming a movie version of Unforgiven, the ITV drama I starred in a couple of years ago, with Angelina Jolie in the main role.

“At best, I’d end up playing a truck driver in that, and it’d probably be the same if they make Scott and Bailey for America.”