Neighbours actor Ben Barber has revealed that his alter-ego Rhys Lawson will pop the question to ex-girlfriend Vanessa Villante.
The doctor decides to go down on bended knee after helping Vanessa (played by Alin Sumarwata) through the birth of her baby.
“Vanessa has the baby in her arms and Rhys tells her that he loves her and then asks her to marry him,” the actor told Australia’s TV Week.
Ben, who has announced he will be leaving the Australian soap, teased that her reply may not be what viewers expect, saying: “If you know both characters, I think you’ll have an idea of how it’s going to play out – but then you might be surprised, too. Leading up to the birth, he has been trying to win her over, but everything seems to come out the wrong way.”
Meanwhile, actor Ryan Maloney (Toadie Rebecchi) reveals that Sonya – played by Eve Morey – is set to have a “nightmare” birth. Toadie wants her to go to hospital, but she insists on a home birth.
“He and Sonya had so much trouble getting pregnant in the first place, so Toadie’s been really worried about things going wrong from day dot,” he said to TV Week.
“Toadie tries everything he can to convince Sonya to go to the hospital and be checked out – annoying her greatly in the process – but nothing works. The longer the labour goes on and nothing happens, the more tense the situation at home becomes.”
The actor added: “This is Toadie’s worst nightmare. And, they’re not at the hospital yet.”
Both storylines will be shown on Australian screens next week, before airing in the UK in early 2013.