Arlene Phillips says she’s very impressed with Jason Donovan’s performance on Strictly Come Dancing as she says he used to have two left feet.

The former judge has worked with the Australian actor before and revealed he didn’t used to have any sense of rhythm.

Arlene said: “I’m really enjoying seeing Jason Donovan, who I know because he starred in The Sound Of Music, which I choreographed four years ago.

“He’s the loveliest person, and I’m so proud of what he’s achieved on the series, even though he’s not a dancer by nature.

“When I worked with him there was definitely no rhythm running through his Aussie body, and he didn’t know his left foot from his right. He’s done so well and he’s so focused.”

The 68-year-old choreographer left the show’s judging panel two years ago and, while she has moved on, revealed everyone always wants to know her opinion.

Arlene said: “I’ve moved on so far in my life, but for whatever reason I’m still identified with the series.”

“I still get emails, tweets about it, taxi drivers talk to me about it, and people are constantly coming up to me in the street to chat about it. A few months ago, I thought, ‘Oh for goodness sake, it’s never going to go away, just embrace it’.

“When I watch the dancers I instantly know what the ‘secret golden weapon’ would be for each one – that key move or improvement that would make all the difference to their performance. But, of course, I’d never reveal what those are, it wouldn’t be fair.”

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