Susanna Reid: Strictly Come Dancing is pure pleasure

TV presenter Susanna Reid has revealed she loves having the chance to show another side to her personality on Strictly Come Dancing.

The 42-year-old co-host of BBC Breakfast has undergone a transformation from strait-laced news reporter to ballroom siren on the BBC One show – and she told The Sun she was having a wonderful time.

“Strictly is unalloyed pleasure throughout,” she said. “It makes you feel amazing. It’s the most extraordinary feeling you’ll ever have.”

Susanna added: “The whole idea is just to provide pleasure and it’s a glorious thing to be involved in. I don’t have a problem letting my hair down.”

 “I love the fact that on Strictly I can play a different character and throw myself into the dance. I enjoy getting into the character.

“There is a story to the dance and you can tell that story better if you are the person. I was an actress as a child so maybe I’m taking the skills from my childhood and applying them.”

However the mother-of-three admitted that she was still somewhat baffled by her new found sex symbol status.

“My partner (sports reporter Dominic Cotton) thinks it’s hilarious,” she said. “If people saw me first thing in the morning they’d think again.”

Susanna will perform a waltz with partner Kevin Clifton on Saturday night’s Strictly, which kicks off at 6.30pm.

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