Chris Tarrant said his new game show is the most emotionally draining he has ever been involved in. Watch a clip here…

The Millionaire host has taken up presenting duties on new ITV show The Colour Of Money, in which contestants set a target amount to win and then decide when to stop a number of cash machines that are spilling out money. If they don’t hit their target exactly, they don’t win a penny.

Chris, 62, told The Sun: “Of all the things I’ve done, it’s the most emotionally draining. If you get too greedy the machine blows up and you don’t get any money from that machine.

“You leave the set feeling completely battered. All these hard-faced people in the show’s production were in tears, crying, ‘Ooh, that poor woman!'”

“The machine just starts going, ‘£1,000… £2,000…. £3,000’, meanwhile the audience are screaming, ‘For God’s sake stop!'”

“The families are on the sides shouting, ‘What are you doing? You silly cow!'”

Chris added that the show, like Millionaire, has the ‘shoutability’ factor, meaning that people will be yelling at their television screens, and ITV bosses are said to be hoping that the show will draw in high viewing levels.

ITV Chairman Michael Grade is reported to be banking on The Colour Of Money to raise millions in sales from abroad after the company missed out as it did not own the rights to Millionaire, according to The Sun.

The Colour Of Money starts on ITV1 at 6.35pm on February 21.

CLICK BELOW to watch a clip of Chris Tarrant’s new game show The Colour of Money.

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