Chris Tarrant makes a meal of his curry house altercation when he chairs Friday’s edition of Have I Got News For You.

The TV presenter, faced with a barrage of jokes from the satirical show’s contestants, tucked into a dish of curry in the studio during recording of the BBC One show.

The 60-year-old was arrested on Sunday night after ‘lobbing’ cutlery at a fellow diner in the MemSaab restaurant in Nottingham.

He later admitted that he did jokingly lob some cutlery after asking to be left alone to discuss work with two colleagues.

The presenter said he did not know if he threw ‘a spoon, a fork, a napkin – whatever’, but he chatted with the couple later and they were fine.

But the man on the receiving end claimed later that the TV star threw a knife at him.

Diner John Trussler said he was celebrating his 36th birthday with his girlfriend when the presenter threw the piece of cutlery at him after he had joked with him.

The electrician from Nottingham claimed he was left with an inch-long cut on his right arm after being hit with the knife.

Nottinghamshire Police said the TV presenter was arrested on suspicion of assault and released on police bail to return on a date in June.