Chris Tarrant’s ex-wife Ingrid was fined £2,700 after she was wrestled to the ground by police following a confrontation over a parking ticket.

The 54-year-old was said to have been ‘abrupt and rude’ to the officer when he tried to issue her with the ticket for leaving her silver Saab parked at a bus stop, Staines Magistrates’ Court heard.

Following the two-day trial, which concluded on Tuesday, Tarrant was convicted of four charges – failing to stop for a Pc, causing an unnecessary obstruction, resisting a Pc and wilfully obstructing a Pc. She denied all charges.

She was ordered to pay an additional £1,200 in costs.

Tarrant had returned to her car after completing her Christmas shopping in Cobham, Surrey, to discover Pc Peter Groves writing out a ticket for obstruction, the court heard.

Moments later she drove away, ignoring his requests to stop.

The TV presenter’s ex-wife was then chased by a police car for two miles before she was brought to a halt and wrestled to the ground, the court in Surrey was told.

The court heard how Tarrant struggled against the officer when handcuffed and had to be forced into the back of his police van.

Tarrant was awarded almost half of her former husband’s £25 million fortune following their divorce in 2007.

The couple’s 15-year-marriage came to an end when she hired private detectives to investigate her husband over suspicions he was being unfaithful in 2006. The broadcaster was eventually caught with primary school deputy head Fiona McKechnie.