Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have put their boy troubles on hold to enjoy a girls’ night out together.
Taylor, 22, has received death threats from internet trolls after rumours emerged she is dating Harry Styles from One Direction. Meanwhile, Selena has been battling relationship troubles with another heartthrob, Justin Bieber.
But Taylor and Selena, 20, put romance on hold to enjoy dinner at Osteria La Buca in Los Angeles at the weekend, where they were snapped giggling together.
Taylor – who recently split from Conor Kennedy – and Harry, 18, first met in March, and were rumoured to have been spotted together backstage at the US X Factor earlier this month.
The show’s co-host Mario Lopez confirmed to listeners of his 104.3 MY FM radio show he had seen them together.
Mario said: “Taylor Swift was the special guest performer, and [here’s] a little inside scoop for you.
“During rehearsals, Harry from One Direction came and slapped me on the back, and said, ‘Hey, Mario, how ya doing?’ And I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he sort of [pointed] toward Taylor.
“So Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction – you heard it here first… officially hanging out, I can say that much.”
Meanwhile, Selena and Justin, 18, were reported to have split last month. But they were spotted together at the weekend, first at Japanese restaurant Yamato and then at the American Music Awards.
Justin took his mother as his date to the awards but a source told E! News he left the ceremony hand-in-hand with Selena.