Tensions reported between X Factor judges

Reports have emerged in the papers of tensions between the new The X Factor judges – with claims that the panel has been split down the middle after Tulisa formed an alliance with Louis Walsh.

According to the Mirror Tulisa and Louis bonded as a result of falling out with Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland – with one member of the production team saying the row could escalate into ‘all out war’.

And the N-Dubz singer said that she has formed such a strong bond with Louis that the pair have begun referring to themselves as ‘Louisa’.

“Do you see the divide?” she said. “Me and Louis – Kelly and Gary. The youngest and the oldest judges are like naughty schoolkids.”

However an insider on the show suggest the dispute was more serious than that.

Basically Louis and Tulisa laugh a lot and mess around and Kelly and Gary are there for the music and are more serious,” the source said.

“They are coming on the show from different viewpoints and for different reasons and that is splitting the panel down the middle.

“It hasn’t flared up in front of the cameras yet – but it is getting worse and will come to a head on the live shows.”

Meanwhile, Tulisa has revealed that Louis Walsh expected her to be “a chav in a tracksuit” before they met – and that appearing on the show has changed similar public perceptions of her.

“People’s minds can change very quickly,” she said in a radio interview.

“Fifty per cent of the public called me the biggest chav on earth before the first show aired. All of a sudden the same people now tweet me saying, ‘Sorry for judging a book by its cover – I actually thought you were all right’.”

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