Terror in tonight’s Coronation Street as THIS character is confronted by dangerous killer

There's drama heading for Coronation Street tonight as killer Clayton kidnaps his own mum...

There’s terror heading for the Platt family in tonight’s Coronation Street as Shona Ramsey finds herself confronted by her dangerous son, Clayton Hibbs.

Coronation Street fans will know that Clayton is currently on the run from the police after escaping his prison officer while attending his dad’s funeral in Monday night’s visit to Weatherfield.

He is currently doing time for killing David’s late wife Kylie in cold blood back in 2016.

Coronation Street spoilers: Clayton Hibbs goes on the run!

Clayton went on the run at his dad’s funeral

But tonight will see a new twist in the tale when David throws Shona out of the house after discovering that she attempted to supply Clayton with drugs in jail.

He is even more furious when Shona then confesses someone broke into the house in the dead of night and filmed them while they were sleeping.

Convinced that Shona has bought danger to their door, and terrified that his kids could be targeted next, David doesn’t want to hear Shona’s excuses and tells her to leave.

But as she gets in the car to drive away from Coronation Street, Shona is left terrified when Clayton climbs into the back and tells her to drive.

Coronation Street spoilers: Clayton Hibbs kidnaps Shona!

Clayton terrorises Shona in tonight’s Coronation Street

By Friday night’s double bill, Shona will find her life in danger as Clayton takes his mum hostage in an abandoned warehouse, and as armed police surround the building, it doesn’t look like Shona is going to be getting out unscathed.

After Shona begs her son to hand himself in, a police negotiator calls Clayton and he tells them that he’s not letting his mum walk free.

David is left stunned when the police arrive at his house and tell him what is happening to his girlfriend… but as he races to the scene of the siege, will he get there too late?

Coronation Street spoilers: It’s a fight to the death or Shona Ramsey and Clayton...

Clayton demands money from the police, or Shona dies

As Kylie’s killer puts a knife to Shona’s back, he drags her out of the building and demands the police give him £10,000 and a car, otherwise she dies.

But will Clayton really go through with killing his own mum? Find out this week.

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