Terry Wogan: Young female TV stars rely on their looks

TV presenter Terry Wogan has suggested that young female TV presenters rely too much on their looks to get jobs – and it may not be to their advantage once they get older.

The 75-year-old veteran host – who is due to front the Children In Need telethon later this month – warned presenters that they had no right to complain if they were dropped for younger models.

“Presenters like Tess Daly and Holly Willoughby are having their time now but they will go on to be replaced,” Wogan said.

“Female presenters shouldn’t complain about not getting work later in their careers because they used their good looks when were young to land roles.

“There are no permanently pensionable positions. There is no point in anyone thinking they can do it for ever.”

However he also said that older presenters were not as hard done by as they sometimes suggested.

“The likes of Julia Bradbury, Kate Humble and Clare Balding shouldn’t ever complain as there are more of them than us,” he pointed out.

Wogan added that he does suffer from a lack of chemistry with younger hosts, having fronted Children In Need with the likes of Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton, as well as a range of other female presenters.

“For some reason I have remained the only constant on the show, but I have no idea why,” he said.

“I saw Sue Lawley the other day and she is still as attractive and as bright as ever. Selina Scott is a stunning beauty and Anna Ford is beautiful.”


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