That Awkward Moment | Film review – Zac Efron’s charm put to the test in a Sex and the City for blokes


Three twentysomething buddies make a pact to remain single after one of the trio gets dumped by his wife in raunchy New York-set romantic comedy That Awkward Moment, a Sex and the City for blokes starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan.

Inevitably, their vow to avoid romantic commitment comes under threat right away, with womanising book-jacket designer Efron hooking up with publisher Imogen Poots, snarky joker Teller falling for his platonic girl friend Mackenzie Davis and medic Jordan trying to patch things up with his wife (Jessica Lucas). Will laddish hijinks or true love win out?

Just as the friends are pulled in two different directions, so is the film. Awkwardly changing gear between gross-out gags and romance, the script requires the men to behave so stupidly and shoddily that you will struggle to care whether or not they see the error of their ways in time.

The actors just about redeem things. Despite thinly written roles, Poots and Davis supply the emotion the screenplay lacks and Teller is sparkily funny, but Efron’s charm is severely put to the test by his character’s appalling caddishness.


Certificate 15. Runtime 90 mins. Director Tom Gormican.

Released on Blu-ray and DVD by Entertainment One.


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