The 50 Best Romantic Movies | Part 3: Titanic – Love Actually

What are the most romantic movies of all time?

We’ve polled our writers to come up with cinema’s top 50 romances and we’re counting down the chart each day this week.

Let us know what you think of our rankings. Which films should have charted higher – and which films have we missed out?

You can rate the romances in our 50 by giving the films your own star rating – go to our film channel or click on any of the film titles below.

30. Titanic

29. The Bridges of Madison County

28. While You Were Sleeping

27. The Princess Bride

26. The Fabulous Baker Boys

25. Serendipity

24. Notting Hill

23. Jerry Maguire

22. Shakespeare in Love

21. Love Actually

Tomorrow: The Best romantic movies – numbers 20 – 11.

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