The 50 Best Romantic Movies | Part 5: The Top 10

Here they are – the 10 most romantic movies of all time!

At least, that’s the verdict of our writers, who came up with 50 of cinema’s top romances. All this week we’ve been counting down the chart and we’ve now reached the top 10.

What do you think of our choices? Which films should have charted higher – and which films have we missed out?

Let us know your favourite romantic movie – we’ve got a bunch of DVDs to give away on our Facebook page for the most interesting responses.

You can also rate the romances in our 50 by giving the films your own star rating – go to our film channel or click on any of the film titles below.

10. The Notebook

The Notebook

9. Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain - Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal

8. Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind - Clark Gabel & Vivien Leigh

7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany

6. Annie Hall

Annie Hall - Diane Keaton & Woody Allen

5. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman - Richard Gere & Julia Roberts

4. Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet - Claire Danes & Leonardo DiCaprio

3. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally - Meg Ryan

2. Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday - Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn

1. Casablanca

Casablanca - Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman

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