The Age of Adaline | Film review – Blake Lively brings cool, timeless poise to glossy romantic fantasy

Being 29 forever might sound idyllic, but Blake Lively’s ageless Adaline Bowman counts the cost of immortality in The Age of Adaline, a elegantly glossy romantic fantasy co-starring Games of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman. Adaline’s ageing is miraculously arrested in 1937 by a freak combination of car crash, freezing water and opportune lightning bolt. Thereafter, she shuns emotional attachments, changing her identity every few years lest her secret be discovered, until she finds herself persistently wooed by millionaire philanthropist Ellis (Huisman) in 2002 San Francisco. The pair’s hesitant affair isn’t that gripping, to be honest, but co-stars Ellen Burstyn (as Adaline’s 70-year-old daughter) and Harrison Ford (as Ellis’s star struck astronomer father) provide some genuinely poignant moments. And Lively’s cool, timeless poise is perfect for Adaline’s melancholy reserve, the aloofness of someone from a different era, wary of letting anyone get too close.

Certificate 12. Runtime . Director Lee Toland Krieger.

The Age of Adaline is released on Blu-ray & DVD by Entertainment in Video.


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