The Apprentice: Anita is first to be fired

Anita Shah has said she was gutted to be the first candidate to be sacked from this year’s series of The Apprentice.

The business strategist, who is also a qualified lawyer, also lambasted her own facial expressions on the show and her ‘really, really awful frown that could turn milk sour’.

Anita said: “I’m gutted to be out of the show, of course I am. But life goes on.”

In Wednesday night’s episode, candidates were told to make as much money as possible by starting up a cleaning company.

But the women’s team Ignite, led by former Tanzanian beauty queen Mona Lewis, got into trouble in Sir Alan Sugar’s boardroom after making less profit than the boys’ team Empire.

Anita was in charge of calculating the team’s expenditure – and congratulated them for not exceeding the £200 limit.

She said during the programme: “Well done, we’ve come in just within budget, but I think we’ve used our budget wisely.”

Firing Shah, Sir Alan said: “My gut instinct is telling me something; Anita, you put yourself forward as one of Britain’s best business prospects.

“You showed no initiative in spotting that you were going for a disaster and on that basis… Anita. You’re fired!”

In the black cab home, Shah said that Sir Alan ‘doesn’t particularly like lawyers. Let’s see in 10 years if he doesn’t sit and think – maybe I made the wrong decision.’

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