Alex Wotherspoon and Helene Speight were the first two fired from the boardroom in the final of The Apprentice, leaving Lee McQueen and Claire Young to fight out the final.

Earlier, the two teams had been set a task by Sir Alan Sugar: to create and market a men’s fragrance to retail at £29.95.

Lee and Claire were joined by fired apprentices Michael Sophocles, Jenny Celerier and Simon Smith.

Alex and Helene were joined by former candidates Raef Bjayou, Kevin Shaw and Jennifer Maguire.

Lee wanted a fragrance for the modern man who ‘definitely shaves his b***s’. That would be 0.01 per cent of the population.

Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, Lee came up with the concept of Roulette, based around the idea of a James Bond-style gambler. He chose a mythical 27-year-old called ‘Ryan’ to be his ideal market. The way he directed the photo shoot he’s got a great future as a porn director.

Alex tossed around the names Engima, Trust and Connect. Assistant Kevin came up with the idea of attaching a stress ball! Then a Rubik’s cube!! More evidence that Sir Alan did the right thing to fire him early on.

Alex and Helene eventually settling on Dual, with the unique idea of a two-part bottle. Minder Nick revealed that he was ‘bouyed’ by the idea. But Alex’s initial rehearsal with the pitch to his ideal purchaser ‘Adam’ was woeful.

During his pitch to an audience of perfume industry professionals, Lee got a big laugh about his wish to create a fragrance that ‘smells like a man’. Euurrgh!

Alex and Helen’s pitch for Dual was described by one of the audience as ‘extraordinary’ in that they came up with it in three days.

But Sir Alan decided that the expensive two-part bottle was the losing concept and Alex and Helene were fired in the boardroom.