Lee McQueen was chosen by Sir Alan Sugar as his latest disciple on the fourth series of the hit BBC One series, The Apprentice, defeating Claire Young in the boardroom.

Earlier, the duo had beaten Alex Wotherspoon and Helene Speight in a contest to create a new men’s fragrance.

Claire and Lee had a face-off in the boardroom, trying to justify why they should get their job. Lee spoke of his delivering week after week, while Claire spoke of her resilience in coming back to the boardroom so often… and surviving.

Sir Alan said: “Lee, your presentation [on the task] was a 100 per cent better, but I still felt you struggled.

“I wonder if you’re a one-trick pony.”

He said of Claire: “I don’t know if I can put up with you, but you do have some great attributes.”

Ultimately, though, he chose Lee, despite the lie revealed on his CV last week. He obviously decided that the 30-year-old had more potential than the motor-mouthed 28-year-old retail buyer Claire.

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