The four finalists in The Apprentice have explained why they should be Sir Alan Sugar’s anointed one… And their presentations were MUCH better than in last week’s interviews.

Finals favourite Claire Young, 28, told the Sun: “I used to be a club 18-30 rep and thought I knew about long hours. When Sir Alan told us there would be four in the final I thought ‘Oh God, not another task’.

“But the one thing I’ve shown is I’m resilient and can step up to the plate. I wasn’t called the Rottweiler for nothing. I’m tough… And I didn’t hold back in the boardroom. I had big screaming matches across the table with Sir Alan.”

CV cheat Lee McQueen, 30, told the Mirror: “I’ve won seven tasks. I have only lost three and I have never been in the final three in the boardroom. That’s because I have delivered every time.

“I have proved myself in sales, I have proved myself in creativity and as a project manager I won both my tasks and get the best out of Lucinda and Sara. In terms of presentation, I’ve taken the criticism on board and if I get the chance in the final I’ll nail it!”

Alex Wotherspoon, who’s 24, in case you weren’t aware, said: “People have been calling me a weasel, but I don’t care. I’ll have a go at someone if it means saving my own skin. I told Sir Alan he should fire Claire once – and then later on I was eating a meal with her.

“At first I found it really hard to take criticism and maybe I came across badly. But I’ve learned from my mistakes and Sir Alan Sugar has seen that. He should give me the job because I want it more than anyone.”

Helene Speight, at 32 the oldest finalist, said: “Sir Alan should give me the job because I’m bright and reliable. He would often ask my opinion on things – I’ve got experience which would be very valuable for him. And I’ll try my hand at anything.

“OK, I’m not great at sales, but I stick to what I’m good at. And I’m bloody good at it.”

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