Advertising sales manager Naomi Lay became the latest candidate to get the boot from The Apprentice on Wednesday night.

Naomi ended up in the boardroom on the hit BBC1 show alongside Tre Azam and Simon Ambrose after their team Eclipse, led by Simon, failed the task to sell a range of products live on a home shopping channel.

Simon took a punt on a £199 wheelchair that Naomi and Tre would present while Naomi picked art pads and a mini trampoline for Simon to showcase.

Although Naomi and Tre balked at Simon’s product choice of the wheelchair, it still generated the lion’s share of Eclipse’s final total of £921.

Back in the boardroom, it looked like motormouth Tre’s luck had finally run out when Sir Alan told him: “I’m not looking for people to cause me aggravation and, for that reason, Tre… you’re giving me extreme difficulty letting you stay in this contest.”

But he soon turned his attentions to Naomi, saying: “You chose bad products, which is the main reason why this task wasn’t won by your team. So, Naomi, with regret, you’re fired.”

Ejected Naomi wasted no time in taking a side-swipe at team member Simon, saying: “He’s a nice enough guy, but I wouldn’t employ him.”

Next week, three of the five remaining candidates will be told “you’re fired” leaving the just two to battle it out for the £100,000-a-year job as Sir Alan’s apprentice.