Posh candidate Nicholas De Lacy Brown was the first to hear ‘You’re fired!’ from boardroom bully Sir Alan Sugar on the new series of BBC1’s The Apprentice.

Nicholas, 24, fell foul of the millionaire businessman after he filleted the boys’ team by woefully underpricing lobster at the Chapel Street Market in North London.

The task was simple enough. The boys and girls each had six hundred-pounds worth of fish, which they first had to identify, then price up according to the wholesale value of the species.

Team leader Alex Wotherspoon entrusted the task of identifying species to self-confident entrepreneur Raef Bjayou, and the task of pricing it to Nicholas. Unfortunately, they both got it wrong and when the girls won the contest by more than a hundred quid, the trio found themselves in the boardroom facing the wrath of Sir Alan.

The highly qualified barrister Nicholas was quickly in the firing line when Sir Alan noticed on his CV that one of his degrees was ‘outstanding’.

“Outstanding? Does that mean you haven’t got it yet?” the boss asked mockingly.

Nicholas didn’t help himself by complaining that the boys’ team split along lines of who was educated and who wasn’t. This didn’t please former market trader Sir Alan… And he received his marching orders.

Girls 1, Boys 0!