Rocky Andrews became the second candidate to be booted off The Apprentice on Wednesday night.

The 21-year-old sandwich chain owner was told “You’re fired!” by Sir Alan Sugar after his team failed the BBC1 show’s latest challenge to provide a catering service.

Both the boys’ and girls’ hot and cold food received a luke-warm reception from a group of city workers.

But the boys – led by Rocky – failed miserably as the fee for their Olympic-themed evening reception was halved resulting in a LOSS of £160.76.

While the girls’ team – led by restaurateur Yasmina Siadatan – went off to play polo, it was up to the boys to face the wrath of Sir Alan in the boardroom.

Rocky – whose promising football career was shattered when he was diagnosed with arthritis – returned to boardroom with commercial manager James McQuillan and pub area manager Howard Ebison.

But Sir Alan dealt Rocky a fatal blow, telling him: “One cannot ignore a series of, what I call, immature mistakes.

“Your career at Middlesborough was halted, you got taken off the pitch in a stretcher. This time you’re off the pitch in a black cab. You’re fired!”

Following his sacking, Rocky said: “I’m feeling a little bit gutted but I’m gonna take it on the chin. It’s made me more determined to get on and make sure that I do very well for myself.”

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