The Apprentice says goodbye to another business hopeful: ‘My pitch was embarrassing’

Axed Apprentice candidate Brett Butler-Smythe admits he ‘waffled loads of c**p’ in the lead-up to his firing.

Lord Sugar was unimpressed with his pitch to a panel of health food experts, as he tried to persuade them of the benefits of oil-soaked vegetable crisps.

Brett was fired from The Apprentice (Boundless/BBC Pictures)

Brett was fired from The Apprentice (Boundless/BBC Pictures)


On watching the episode, Brett said: “I just waffled loads of crap… it’s embarrassing.

“Literally, I was just sat there watching it, I just couldn’t believe it.

“I can’t even remember some of the crap that was coming out my mouth.”

The property company owner added: “If somebody was to ask me to do a presentation on re-fits and property renovations, gas installations, boilers – I could sit there and I could speak the ears off a donkey.

“But when you’re put into a situation and you have to try and promote a faulty product that you’ve got no confidence in, wholeheartedly, it is very, very difficult.

Charleine Wain and Gary Poulton (BBC Pictures)

Charleine Wain and Gary Poulton (BBC Pictures)


“I always believe that knowledge is power, and when you’re not fully clued up on something, it does just come out as waffle.”

His team produced three kinds of vegetable crisps as a health food snack.

The team was then tasked with selling their snack to retailers.

His pitch began: “We are aware that as a culture and as an economy, we are always looking to better ourselves health-wise, food-wise, and absolutely everything that contributes to that value.

“For us it was quite important that if we were going to represent our product in your establishment, we wanted to make sure that all the key elements were at the forefront so that we didn’t look like we were going to do any misrepresentation on our side as a company and as you as a big industry.”

Richard Woods, Brett Butler-Smythe andVana Koutsomitis (Boundless/BBC Pictures)

Richard Woods, Brett Butler-Smythe and Vana Koutsomitis (Boundless/BBC Pictures)


Lord Sugar told him: “The initial pitch to the sports company was terrible.

“You come out with terminology like ‘iconic vegetables’. What is an iconic vegetable – Elvis Parsley?”

But after the firing, he added: “Well done Brett for the 10 weeks. I do like the way that you wish to be known as an honourable man.

“You leave here as an honourable man.”

A tense boardroom meeting also saw project managers Charleine Wain and Brett each bring back a team member to the boardroom, as neither team had made any sales.

Vana and Brett (Boundless/BBC Pictures)

Vana and Brett (Boundless/BBC Pictures)


Struggling to hold back her tears, Charleine had to take time out to compose herself – and in an off-screen moment, Brett gave her a pep talk.

He said: “You don’t get to see it, but myself and Charleine were sat side-by-side in the final boardroom, she was very, very emotional, obviously she exited for a number of minutes and came back in.

“I just turned to her and said: ‘Look, just breathe, take it easy, what will happen will happen, you’ve experienced worse in your life so it can be worse than that’, and just tried to console her as much as I can.”

He was the final candidate to exit the competition before the interview stage begins next week.

The Apprentice screens on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesdays.

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