The Autumnwatch hosts describe each other’s inner animal

TV Times talks to Autumnwatch hosts Martin Hughes-Games and Chris Packham about which animal best represents each other…
Chris, what animal best describes Martin?
“I see Martin as a dashing creature. He’s not vain like a flamboyant bird, but he’s an animal that looks after himself, so he would groom regularly. He’s not a ferocious predator. He could be quite wolfish, but lacking that predatory edge. So he might be that Beta wolf in the pack, he doesn’t want to take charge of the slaughter. He’s dashing – Martin is really into his motorbikes – and he’s fearless. But despite the fact that he’s into speed, I see him as a running animal rather than a flying animal. He’s a rapid mammal. Or having said that, maybe he’s more foxy?”
Martin, what animal best describes Chris?
“That’s funny, because I was going to choose the fox for Chris. Not the red fox, but something like an Arctic fox, in its full resplendent coat. It has to look absolutely perfect, and is beautifully groomed.”

Is Chris always good at changing?
“He’s very, very quick, very clever at adapting to changing circumstances and incredibly sharp-witted. So for Chris I’d go for the immaculately turned-out Arctic fox, surviving anywhere, taking the main chance, working things out. Sharp and quick.”
What animal would you say best describes Michaela Strachan?
Martin: “How about something fluffy for Michaela? You say that, but she’s very organised. On the surface you wouldn’t say Michaela was a calculated person, but she is very critical of herself, analytical and planned. She doesn’t do things rashly or randomly, and while on the surface you might think she’s a bit flippant and glib, she’s not like that at all.”

Does Michaela choose items for herself wisely?
Chris: “I’ve been shopping with her, and you can never get her to buy anything spontaneously. She migrates over great distances – from South Africa to the UK; she has strong family bonds; and she’s retained her looks, she’s elegant. So perhaps a Bewick’s swan? A partially melanistic swan with a few stray black feathers, so its finery isn’t quite there?”
Would you agree with Chris, Martin?
“I see her as a jay. There’s a little bit of a clash of colours, but she’s still smart and nice to look at. She hides acorns – as in, she’s very good financially – and is a little bit loud. Michaela’s a jay.”

Autumnwatch returns to BBC2 on Tuesday, October 28


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