The Best Animated Film of 2011 | The Shortlist – No 10: Mars Needs Moms

We want you to tell us which was 2011′s best animated film – and help decide the winner of the Animation category in this year’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards. You can cast your vote on the Animated Film of the Year website but to help you make up your mind we’ve been posting brief reviews of the 10 nominated films. Today it’s the turn of Mars Needs Moms.

Polar Express producer Robert Zemeckis and writer-director Simon Wells – great-grandson of steampunk pioneer HG Wells – join forces to create this action-packed sci-fi adventure about a little boy who ventures into outer space to rescue his Mom from aliens. Seth Green’s Milo is your average broccoli-hating American kid until his Mom (voiced by comedienne Joan Cusack) is kidnapped by Martians – and suddenly he’s battling lots of not-so-little-green men and swapping quips with Dan Fogler’s slacker astronaut Gribble to get Mom back. The motion-capture skills that served Polar Express so well are reinvigorated here with lots of giddily epic hi-tech action sequences, while Fogler and Green top the voice cast with a handy double act.

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