We want you to tell us which was 2011′s best animated film – and help decide the winner of the Animation category in this year’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards. You can cast your vote on the Animated Film of the Year website but to help you make up your mind we’re posting brief reviews of the 10 nominated films over the next 10 days. Today it’s the turn of Rio.

A colourful and exuberant animated movie that takes its cue from the sights, sounds and spirit of Rio de Janeiro at carnival time. Jesse Eisenberg is word perfect as the worrywart pet parrot Blu who’s about as party hearty as a damp squid. Thus our bird-brained hero is kicked way out of his comfort zone when he gets chained to his species’ last female – Anne Hathaway’s disdainful Jewel — and then they both get kidnapped by Brazilian bird smugglers. Fun, frolics and fine-feathered slapstick are the name of the game here, delivered in a kaleidoscope of eye-popping colours.

“Who’s a pretty birdie, then” – read the full review.

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