We want you to tell us which was 2011′s best animated film – and help decide the winner of the Animation category in this year’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards. You can cast your vote on the Animated Film of the Year website but to help you make up your mind we’re posting brief reviews of the 10 nominated films over the next 10 days. Today it’s the turn of Arthur Christmas.

Wallace & Gromit creators Aardman Studios answer the question that has puzzled children, and stymied their parents, for centuries — ‘how does Santa deliver all those presents in a single night? — with wit, charm and ingenuity in this entertaining computer-animated comedy. Turns out Jim Broadbent’s Santa is little more than a figurehead and it’s his eldest son Steve (Hugh Laurie) who runs the slick hi-tech present-delivery operation with the help of a mile-wide sleigh and a million elves. That is, until a child in Cornwall misses out on her present and Steve’s clumsy younger brother Arthur (James McAvoy), the doddering Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) and a lowly elf (Ashley Jensen) have to join forces to finish the job. A warm-hearted gift of a movie that, like Santa’s sack, is stuffed with so many surprises and delights it will keep on giving over many Christmas viewings to come.

“A new gift from Aardman that will keep on giving” – read the full review.

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