The Best Animated Film of 2011 | The Shortlist – No 9: Happy Feet Two

We want you to tell us which was 2011′s best animated film – and help decide the winner of the Animation category in this year’s Richard Attenborough Film Awards. You can cast your vote on the Animated Film of the Year website but to help you make up your mind we’re posting brief reviews of the 10 nominated films over the next 10 days. Today it’s the turn of Happy Feet Two.

After a five-year wait, Elijah Wood and his band of hip-hop penguins return with Robin Williams’s comic sidekick and are joined by pop star Pink (replacing the late Brittany Murphy), Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as a pair of bickering krill and a sing-a-long plot which wraps its broad-based global warming message in lots of kid-friendly ice-capades. The feel-good story focuses on Mumble’s son Erik and his fear of dancing, but after some cute moments and father-son-bonding, it soon segues into a more ambitious tale that has Antarctica and its creatures uniting to stop the ice from melting. Bigger, bolder and more nimble-footed than the first film, and with the Northern Lights drafted in to add colour to all that frosty blue.

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