The Bill fans poised to hit the Target

Fans of The Bill will soon be able to help the officers of Sun Hill crack a murder case with the help of an interactive virtual incident room.

In an upcoming three-part special, viewers can help Superintendent Heaton and his team seek out clues and build on the evidence revealed on-screen by visiting the dedicated website,, after each episode.

Viewers will be able to watch unseen CCTV and mobile phone footage on and view the fictional websites mentioned in the storyline gathering data for their virtual interactive incident room, which will go live at the end of the first episode, entitled Target.

Heaton launches the investigation after a high-profile politician and a respected religious leader are gunned down at a ‘Rock Against Racism’ concert.

And the interactive incident room will enable viewers to eliminate any theories being pursued by Heaton and his team.

Executive producer, Johnathan Young, commented: “We are driving home the interactive element to this fantastic three-parter and The Bill is always looking at new ways of using new media to promote various storylines.

“This is the first time viewers can utilise The Bill’s website and other fictional sites to create their very own virtual incident room to seek out and gather extra clues which have not been seen on screen. The Bill will be continuing to use the interactive element for future storylines in the coming months.”

Target hits our screens in November.

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