The Bill films last ever scene in south London

The Bill’s cast have filmed their final scene after 27 years of the police drama.

All 17 members of the cast were present at the last day’s shoot in Merton, south London, where the Sun Hill set is based.

Executive producer Johnathan Young said: “It’s been a highly emotional day for all cast and crew.

“The series will conclude this summer with a compelling contemporary story that tests our cops on the streets of London both physically and emotionally for one final time. It’s called Respect and we hope it will respect the heritage of the show.”

Show bosses said the series’ concluding two-parter would centre on a female gang member and would ‘showcase The Bill’s special ability to tell hard-hitting stories about the reality of policing modern day Britain’.

The series stems from a pilot called Wooden Top, which was created by Geoff McQueen, which was broadcast in August 1983 on ITV1.

A serial drama called The Bill was commissioned as a result of the pilot, and launched on the channel in October 1984.

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