The Bill has a change of tune!

ITV1’s The Bill is changing its theme tune after 25 years, as the show moves to a 9pm time slot.

The new music and credits for the police drama is part of the show’s makeover to fit in with its “gritty” new image.

“We want the new theme music to get the audience to concentrate a bit more and focus,” said executive producer Jonathan Young.

“It will be something that slows you down and prepares you for something a bit more emotional.”

“We haven’t sought to totally reinvent The Bill, but we have wanted to create a more immersive experience for our viewers,” Young added.

“We’re digging deeper into characters to tell stronger and more challenging stories which really examine the true causes and effects of crime.

“The later timeslot allows us to produce darker, grittier and more hard-hitting drama, through the eyes of our existing characters. The heart of the show will remain the same, but it will look very fresh.”

However this does not mean that the content of the show will change too dramatically.

“We are very conscious The Bill has a family following,” said Young. “There will be no bad language, sex or violence.”