For most actors, having a crack at the big time in the States is just a fantasy, but The Bill’s TJ Ramini is ready to live the dream.

The actor, best known for playing one of Sun Hill’s finest, the troubled but stylish DC Zain Nadir, is relocating to Los Angeles in the next few weeks.

He says he’s astounded by the offers he’s already received, mainly thanks to the production company who will act as his agent.
“They only represent one other actor, and that’s Robert Duvall,” the 31-year-old gushes.

“I mean, he’s one of the legendary actors. He’s got Oscars and Golden Globes galore, the guy can’t walk down the street without getting nominated for something! I never thought they’d take me on, but they did.

“In Los Angeles if you don’t have the correct representation to get you in the door to see the top people you don’t stand a chance. You’ll just be another one of those young dreamers who rocks up at the airport and says ‘I’m gonna be a star’. You’re not, you’re going to be homeless you schmuck!”

Luckily, things are looking pretty rosy for TJ. He’s been sent numerous scripts, including the newest series from Six Feet Under and American Beauty writer Alan Ball, and he’s determined not to be typecast as the token Brit.

“I want to go and compete for American roles against American actors, I don’t want to be one of those Brits who walks in and goes, ‘Hello! Anyone for cricket?’,” he says in a plummy voice.

“There are plenty of other actors who will do all that type of thing, but it means you limit yourself, you cut out about 90 per cent of the roles out there.”