The Birds is Voted Favourite Hitchcock Film by Movie Talk Readers

With two new films about Alfred Hitchcock reaching the screen in a matter of months, it’s clear that cinema’s master of suspense exerts an enduring fascination on filmmakers and filmgoers alike.

So we asked you to reveal which Hitchcock film you’d rate above all the others – and your verdict was as follows:

The Birds – subject of recent Hitchcock biopic The Girl – swooped in to top place. But Psycho was also showered with plenty of votes, which of course is good news for new movie Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren (out on 8th Feb), as it’s the making of this horror classic that provides the movie’s context.

Here’s the Top 10 in full.

1. The Birds

2. Psycho

3. North By Northwest

4. Rear Window

5. Vertigo

6. Rebecca

7. Shadow of a Doubt

8. Rope

9. Dial M for Murder

10. Strangers on a Train

Among the films that didn’t make Top 10 – but which were also rated as readers’ favourites – were Marnie, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Family Plot, Jamaica Inn, Spellbound, The Lady Vanishes and The Trouble with Harry.

That so many different films by a single director can attract fervent support is testimony to the breadth and depth of the body of films Hitchcock created. Can any other director match this legacy?

Hitchcock comes to UK cinemas on Friday 8th Feb

The Girl, starring Toby Jones as Hitchcock and Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren, is available on DVD from Acorn Media UK.

ITV1 is showing The Birds and Psycho on Friday 8th Feb: The Birds at 22.35pm & Psycho at 3am

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