The Croods | DVD review – The Stone Age according to DreamWorks means Nicolas Cage as a caveman

The_CroodsThis animated comedy adventure about a caveman family struggling to survive in changing prehistoric times is boisterous, colourful and warm-hearted, with energetic action scenes, knockabout slapstick humour and lush visuals, but what makes The Croods particularly charming is the all too recognisable relationship at its heart between an overprotective father and his rebellious teenage daughter.

Fearful Neanderthal Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage) wants to keep his family safe (his byword is ‘Never don’t be afraid,’), but feisty Eep (Emma Stone) chafes at being locked up at home in a cave. Comic sparks fly when Eep falls for an outsider, savvy Homo-sapiens teenager Guy (Ryan Reynolds), but with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in store, there’s lots of cliffhanging peril, too.


Released on Blu-ray & DVD by  on Monday 9th December.


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