The David Brent v John Travolta dance-off

It’s hardly a Heather Mills mambo backflip, but John Travolta and Ricky Gervais have created a dance all of their own.

The two dance icons took to the floor together on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross to strut their funky stuff in a sequence that has fortunately – or not – been captured on camera.

The Wild Hogs star Travolta reprised the 70s moves that made him a household name in Saturday Night Fever – while Ricky did his best to match him by resurrecting the infamous ‘David Brent dance’ that featured in series two of The Office (yes, again).

The unlikely partners performed while filming Friday night’s episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, where the actor also revealed that he’s been offered a guest role in the last ever episode of Extras.

He told Jonathan Ross: “I’ll probably do anything Ricky Gervais says.”

That’s despite having seen the comedian dance…

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross screens on BBC One on Friday night at 10.35pm.