The Elephant Man

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A congenital defect what was caused Joseph Merrick to develop the dreadful condition that earned him the name The Elephant man in Victorian London. This moving movie tells his heartbreaking story superbly. It always has me in tears.

Merrick’s skeleton was once available to see in The London Hospital in Whitechapel where he spent a large portion of his life thanks to kindly surgeon Frederick Treves. Now, just a few documents and some Merrick memorabilia are available for the general public to see at the Royal London Museum, which is affiliated to the Royal London Hospital (formerly London Hospital).

It was alleged (and subsequently denied, and certainly never proved) that a certain big star once tried to buy Merrick’s bones for a large sum of money. If you remember the rumours then I don’t need to tell you identity of the star. If you don’t, then perhaps you can guess.

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