The Exorcist

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Max von Sydow

I saw French and Saunders’ brilliant spoof of The Exorcist before I saw the real thing. It’s a testament to the skill of this comedy duo that I found their parody hilarious without even having a frame of reference to draw upon.

But I did finally get a chance to fill the gaping hole in my horror film knowledge a year or so later, when I learnt that William Friedkin’s original version was showing at the cinema for a special Halloween screening. I bought my ticket, my popcorn and bucket of pop, and settled down for two hours worth of spine-tingling horror.

The Exorcist

As the film progressed and those around me trembled with shock and fear, I sat there giggling into my cola. More of a chuckler for me than a chiller, all I could think of was pea soup and “your mother sucks jelly babies in hell.” The moral of this story is don’t watch this clip if you haven’t seen the original.