The Expendables – Sly’s musclebound crew coast along on fan goodwill

The Expendables - Sylvester Stallone leads fellow mercenaries Jason Statham & Randy Couture into action

Are action movie fanboys and die-hard Twilight junkies two sides of the same coin?

The whooping and hollering that greeted every name in the credits roll call of stars at a preview screening of The Expendables the other day sounded awfully like the shrieking from the Twihards that salutes each new appearance of R-Patz, K-Stew & Tay. Lower in pitch, yes, but equally undemanding.

Sylvester Stallone’s 1980s-style Guys On a Mission throwback is boneheaded stuff indeed, but it coasts along from one explosion to the next on the nostalgic goodwill that fans still feel for its roster of ageing stars.

On general release from 19th August.

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