The Face of Love | Film review – Bening & Harris save fanciful melodrama from tipping over the edge


Grief-stricken widow Annette Bening stumbles upon the exact double of her dead husband (Ed Harris) and inveigles her way into his life without telling him why she is drawn to him. Predictably, things get extremely messy in The Face of Love when he starts falling in love with her. Bening’s borderline crazy behaviour strains our credulity and sympathy to the limit, but she and Harris pour so much genuine emotion into their roles in this Vertigo-like romantic melodrama that they just about carry the film’s fanciful premise. A further poignant touch is supplied by the haunting presence of the late Robin Williams who pops up in a sympathetic supporting role.


Certificate 12A. Runtime 90 mins. Director Arie Posin.


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